About Epicuring

Epicuring (verb) : The pursuit of epicureanism

Epicuring came from our efforts to plan food-centrics trips. We ended up spending more time researching than “epicuring!” So, weaving in our food industry work and connections, we created Epicuring.com. Today Epicuring is a culinary travel blog featuring our experiences and discoveries of great food tours and places and events.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll mostly find stuff about Northern California. We’ll expand to new corners of our world’s good food through our own culinary travels and thanks to our community of Epicurators.

OUR MISSION is to bring locals and travelers the best food experiences you’d write home about around California and other top locations, through our hand-picked guides and lists. Epicuring is a community effort and we welcome contributions from food lovers, food experience organizers, and everyone in between.

OUR VISION is to bring attention to intriguing and rewarding food experiences, events, farms, and organizations; to inspire the creation of new food experiences; to have a big impact on local economies through food tourism; and to enjoy the pleasures of life with our community of Epicurators. Epicuring is a resource for the food media and food writing community on related content, stories, people and resources. 

WE’RE NATURAL BORN EPICURATORS living in the spirit of Greek Philosopher Epicurus, with integrity, authenticity, passion and fun. As connectors and social entrepreneurs who thrive when joining new friends around food, we commit to running our Epicuring project with transparency and joy. In all of our interactions we will involve community members, invite new food fans into the fold, and make Epicuring a destination loved by locals and visitors alike.

Join the Epicuring movement! Experience bliss through our discoveries or better yet join us as an “epicurator,” writing about and / or photographing amazing food experiences from around the world.

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