Free Pasta Sommelier Tastings from Delverde from Abruzzo Italia in SF this September

We’re fans of many Italian dried and extruded pastas because the flours they use have a different taste and feel than our US counterparts. But we can be overwhelmed¬† by all the options in the grocery aisles.¬† So when our friend and Italiano-file Amy Sherman (of Cooking with Amy) shared this “Pasta Sommelier” tasting series […]

Best Restaurant Dining Reviewers List for Bay Area

By Laiko Bahrs, Epicuring co-founder As a food professional, I eat out at a lot of restaurants for a number of reasons. To support the industry and friends/colleagues, for meetings, as well as to boost my professional knowledge (and because eating is a hobby, right?). My dining budget is not large, but I do like […]