Taste Talk: California Cuisine & How It’s Evolved at San Francisco Cooking School on Oct. 2

“California Cuisine” is the real thing – a regional culinary POV and movement which is driven by a philosophy of cooking with locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  As we all know, it sprouted from Alice Waters and Co.’s culinary revolution hatched in the 1970’s. Today’s cooks (and chefs) are not only inspired (or limited) by French […]

Top Picks for Hands-on Cooking Classes at San Francisco Cooking School

I’m working with the new  The San Francisco Cooking School which opened this Fall.  It’s been enlightening to work with founder Jodi Liano helping create awareness for the school.  Jodi has put assembled the largest selection of cooking classes — that’ll teach anyone, from a kitchen novice to a professional. I’m personally signed up for […]