Spirits Rising: DSWE Pop-Up Tour

A pop-up wine-and-spirits road show
On a sultry San Francisco day:
Our hearts and palates glowed so
At this dazzling display.

We met men who make clever bitters
From lush herbs, spices and fruit,
And celery. (Got the jitters?
They use the seed, not the root.)

The clear pinkgold of sweet dreams,
Eau de vie, sun-kissed in France:
Armagnac Castarède gleams
On the palate: Angels dance.

Secret recipe, Sicilian, 1868:
Pair it with ginger ale: Yes, out of cans.
The latest buzz is that Averna is great
For all grown-up Jägermeister fans.

Grape flowers fashioned into gin
Produce round, spicy, velvety G’Vine.
Eighty to 87.8 proof, with vermouth in
A dry martini, this is quite divine.

Chris Blackwell, reggae-records king,
Makes rich dark rum on the hot isle
Where his forebears were exporting
Coconuts in 1700 with a smile.

Snagging my medal for the most
Unique, exerting irresistible allure,
Was the pure, purple, flowertastic
Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur.

Anneli Rufus

And here’s a souvenir of the pop-up tour — a recipe:


60 ml Gin
10 ml Dry Vermouth
10 ml The Bitter Truth – Violet Liqueur
1 dash The Bitter Truth – Orange Bitters
Stir in mixing glass with ice & strain into a cocktail glass.

All images by Kristan Lawson.

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