San Francisco Cooking School Teaches Culinary Intuition

by Laiko Bahrs

“When cooking go by your own taste. When baking follow directions.”

That’s a quote I wrote long ago to remind myself to follow my intuition in the savory kitchen but read the recipe in the pastry and baking part of the kitchen. This thinking has worked really well in my kitchen explorations over the years.

So it’s exciting when I can say that I am involved with a new cooking school opening in San Francisco which has a philosophy that aligns with mine! San Francisco Cooking School, founded by instructor Jodi Liano was created to teach culinary intuition to cooks who want to work in the food world. “The difference between a cook who can follow a great recipe and a cook who creates a great recipe is culinary intuition. Knowing when something is seasoned just right, or understanding what happens when a fat mixes with an acid,” says Jodi, who plans to teach students how they can develop their taste memory. This will not be a program focused on a recipe binder — but on building skills and knowledge.  A big part of the reason the school is so unique is that a cadre of seasoned and awarded chefs (Daniel Patterson, Craig Stoll, Bill Corbett) is supporting the program through sharing their knowledge in the classroom and by adding their input to the curriculum. The larger chef community is also providing invaluable restaurant externships for the students, and field trips to visit farms, artisans and producers will round out the program.

This is truly an exciting time to work in food in San Francisco.

Professional Classes offered are small, only 14 students, and cost $24,500 for a nine-ten month program – either part-time (2 nights a week and on Saturdays) or full time (Monday to Friday). There are also classes for Epicurators who want to build out their skills over time and in individual classes.

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