My Real San Francisco Layover Food Stop, Candy Fix Included

San Francisco is all a-twitter over Anthony Bourdain’s San Francisco layover show on where to eat when you’ve got a short stop.  What a perfect time to share my own SFO layover (or 8 hour delay) recommendation:

Step 1: Find the airport shuttle to the Best Western Grosvenor hotel in South San Francisco.

Step 2: Cross the street and walk 1/8 mile to Costco South San Francisco. A non-native might beeline for the pepperoni pizza. The insider San Franciscan / Costco regular will direct you to the brown rice sushi, conveniently packed in a giant plastic clamshell for your carry on bag or for a tacky yet delicious in-airport-dining experience.

Step 2a: Buy See’s gift certificates.

Step 3: Go to a historic See’s Candy “wholesale” shop just by the hotel where you’ll take your return shuttle. It is an Architecturally Noteworthy structure–very cool 40s/50s style– filled with candy many Californians associate with childhood. (400 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco (650) 583-6349)

Step 4: Marvel at how 2 hours have passed, how much money you saved (and spent) through your Epicuring tip, and how your friends will welcome you, and your chocolates, with open arms.

P.S. YES you can do all this while rolling a carry on bag. Don’t worry that you look crazy. You’re on an adventure.

see's on a motorcycle

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