Learn How to Start a Food Business This Summer – 2012 San Francisco Classes

dandelion chocolate factoryby Susie Wyshak

Have you been taking cooking or food craft classes and got the bug to start a business? (Or even a business using bugs?) Well, this summer is your chance to hear from the Bay Area’s best artisan food companies who are sharing their knowledge to help future entrepreneurs get started.

Just a few events you should look into — perhaps making a special trip if you’re really eager to learn as they are all near each other — include:

La Cocina Food Entrepreneur Conference
August 20, 2012 in San Francisco

Renaissance Center’s Successful Women in Business Speaker Series: Lessons from the Foodies
August 22, 2012 in San Francisco

Mix With Food Startups at Buyer’s Best Friend’s new mercantile in the Haight
September 6, 2012

Got questions or ideas about starting up? Post a comment or shoot me an email!

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