Welcome to Epicuring California!

goatsWe’re so excited that Epicuring.com has come to be. This project of Susie Wyshak and Laiko Bahrs, as well as the generous help of a great team, brings a dream and need to life!

Epicuring came from Susie’s investigations of promoting California for tourism and our own efforts to plan an eating trip to Los Angeles. We found the effort of researching and planning made us realize taking a vacation is hard work! We created Epicuring as a resource for culinary adventurers to find interesting and hand-picked experiences in California.

We’re focused on the San Francisco Bay Area for now, as we get feedback and iron out the kinks to make sure everything’s working well. Once we are there we’ll be expanding to all corners of our state.

We invite you to explore the site, learn more about us, give feedback, and get involved.

What do you think?

Let’s get Epicuring!

Susie and Laiko

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