Susie’s Favorite Bay Area Internet Cafes & Coffee Roasters

Susie’s Favorite Bay Area Internet Cafes & Coffee Roasters

I still have not quite hit upon a job that would entail going to a new cafe every day but Epicuring is a pretty good excuse. If you live to enjoy good coffee and get a buzz from working at a cafe, or meeting people for good converasation, consider my well-tested short list…so hard to make a short list:

pizzaioloOakland: Pizzaiolo opens at 8am, with a refreshingly limited assortment of treats: cider doughnuts and doughnut holes, and usually a turnover (today a lemon curd filled turnover). At night Pizzaiolo overflows with a bustling vibe of pizza loving happy people. In the morning people convene for meetings, to work on their computers (open wifi, from some unknown location I believe), and enjoy the rustic wood floors and wonderful Blue Bottle espresso.

You’ll feel instantly hip at Farley’s on 65th in Emeryville, among lofts and industrial buildings. (The San Francisco Farley’s in Potrero Hill is a neighborhood classic.)


For coffee sans Internet, like if you’re actually going to read, write, or simply enjoy, get thee to the Cheese Board starting at 7am weekdays for pastries and coffee. Then swing next door to the pizza place and settle into one of their wooden tables.

The Beanery on College (Elmwood), Philz (North Berkeley), and Uncommon Cafe (in light industrial West Berkeley, near Berkeley Bowl West)  are a few more great options with house-roasted coffee.

San Francisco:

  • Bernie‘s (Noe Valley) – Cozy, perfect neighborhood cafe.
  • Coffee Bar (Potrero Hill) Internet buzzzz, in Potrero. Lovely outdoor seating.
  • Duboce Park Cafe (Castro / Duboce) Light, bright, airy with Mr. Espresso coffee, by Duboce Park. Very pleasant with outdoor tables.
  • Ritual Roasters (Mission)
  • Four Barrel Coffee (Mission) – No Internet, but how could I leave it off the list?

OK I give up! Try this Yelp search to find more. 🙂

Palo Alto: Conveniently located downtown, an easy walk from the train, Coupa Cafe will make you feel like you’re working at a hot startup even if you’re an unemployed slacker. It’s small, tightly packed – often with startups and the VCs who fund them –  and the cafe gets the coffee directly from the growers in Venezuela.

Mountain View: During the proverbial dot com era, I spent many mornings at Dana Street Roasting. It has a casual punky feel, no plugs, and coffee that makes me reaaaally happy. Located near the Castro train station, it’s a great stop if you’re going by the farmer’s market on a Sunday.

Santa Cruz: On the West side, love Coffeetopia on Mission and on the East side Verve Coffee Roasters on 41st Ave, whose coffee appears in cafes around the bay area. Need more specifics? I could live at Verve. I only leave to be polite. With surf shops outside you’ll get a contact “good beach life” high.


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