Epicuring’s “Au Revoir, Foie Gras” Guide

June is known as Corn and Cucumber Month, National Smile Month, National Surf Music Month, and even Skyscraper Month. June 2012, however, has transcended the usual nomenclature here in California. It has become Stuff Your Face With Foie Gras Before It’s Banned Month. For those who aren’t aware, July 1st marks the first day where Foie Gras will officially be banned in California despite efforts from Chefs and Foie Gras lovers all over the country. 

Foie Gras has been controversial for quite some time due to the process of gavage, one technique used to plump up the duck’s or goose’s liver. In response to the legislation banning Foie Gras in California, 100 culinary professionals and supporters came together to form the  Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards. The Coalition proposed stricter standards for farming instead of banning the delicacy. In turn, the fight took a turn for the worst when  Chairman of the CA Democratic Party, and author of the ban legislation, John Burton was quoted as saying ”I’d like to sit all 100 of [the Coalition] down and have duck and goose fat – better yet, dry oatmeal- shoved down their throats over and over and over again”. Not very nice Mr. Burton.

But you aren’t here to learn about the politics behind the ban (which you can read about here), you are here to learn about the best places to gobble up the last bits of California foie gras. So, without further ado, the Epicuring guide to saying au revoir to Foie Gras:

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