Cochon 555’s Heritage BBQ Cooks in Memphis, Louisville & St. Louis

Cochon 555’s Heritage BBQ Cooks in Memphis, Louisville & St. Louis

Do you love great BBQ like we do? From Korean to Asado, Japanese to American, today’s gastrognomes love globally-influenced BBQ. The folks behind Cochon 555 launched a Heritage BBQ series to feature some of the hottest talents in the kitchen and heritage breed meats, cooked over hardwood, charcoal and smoke. The BBQ series is traveling to BBQ hot spots St. Louis (Aug 25), Memphis (Aug 30) and Louisville (Sept 8th).

If you have ever been to a COCHON 555 event like we have, its all about a ton of top notch heritage meats, tasty drinks and community. The Heritage BBQ series was started in 2012 in an effort to bridge the gap between family farms and all categories of BBQ restaurants, and is the first national BBQ event dedicated to supporting a new direction for heritage breed pigs. It aims to engage BBQ chefs/restaurant in local and sustainable food conversations in an effort to raise awareness for responsible farming by hosting events with well-known chefs, craft brewers, great winemakers, and prestigious distillers. There are three BBQ events coming up around the South at the end of the month and early September. Y’all, now go get some BBQ!  / Laiko

August 25, Heritage BBQ, St. Louis, Chef & Pig Line Up:

Kevin Willmann, Farmhaus Restaurant, PIG: MEISHAN CROSS, Rustik Rooster Farms

Kevin Nashan, Sidney Street Cafe, PIG: ESSEX SADDLEBACK, Flint Hill Farms

Gerard Craft, Pastaria, PIG: LARGE BLACK, Triple S Farms

Fabrizio Schenardi, Cielo & Host Chef, PIG: BERKSHIRE, Newman Farms

Matthew Accarrino, SPQR / San Francisco, PIG: WHITE WATTLE CROSS, Walnut Keep

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August 30, Memphis, TN, Chef Line Up

Ryan Trimm, Southward

Chad Clevenger, Alma Cocina

Jackson Kramer, Interim Restaurant

Travis Grimes, Husk Restaurant

Craig Blondis, Central BBQ

Miles McMath, St. Jude Culinary Team

Rick Farmer, St. Jude Culinary Team

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September 8, Louisville, KY Line Up:

Edward Lee, MilkWood

Kevin Ashworth, MilkWood

Tyler Morris, Rye On Market

Coby Lee Ming, Harvest

Levon Wallace, Proof On Main

Annie Pettry, Decca

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