Cheese Making Made Easy (Not Cheesy) at the Artisan Cheese Fest

Laiko’s wish this year was to learn cheese making. and thanks to the Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma. So we headed north on a rainy day and enjoyed learning these the simple cheese making process and recipes from Mary Karlin, who just came out with a beautiful book. A big help is the cheese starter kits from The Beverage People to so making the brin d’amour, chèvre and ricotta we learned about at home will be as easy as…cheese. Happy cheese making indeed!

April 14 at Cakebread Cellars, you too can learn about cheese making from Mary.

draining cheese curds

strained cheese

Meanwhile a Cheese-filled Culinary Competition and Wine Tasting was Brewing…

Nearly 50 chefs and wineries set up tables for an evening filled with tastes and bites. The Artisan Cheese Festival runs several days and for visiting cheese lovers is definitely worth planning a trip around (usually in March) to catch the classes as well as massive amounts of cheese tasting.

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