Celebration of Pork – One Last Night Tonight

by Susie Wyshak

When Amy Sherman suggested going to Oliveto’s annual Whole Hog Dinner in Oakland, I wasn’t sure, not being a whole-hog meat eater. However it was in the hood and it looked to be a convivial event.

How right she was. Seated upstairs overlooking College Avenue, almost at the same level as the BART tracks and freeway, we enjoyed a warm evening warmed by tender pasta, melt-in-your-mouth pork, and a crunchy pear walnut strudel laced with pork fat. Better yet, the rooms hummed with dim lighting and the soft buzz of fellow sustainable, good food lovers including Mac Magruder, producer of at least some of the pork we enjoyed, and a number of other local food professionals. Owner Bob Klein roamed the room greeting guests.

A lovely night and celebration of rustic, sustainble food–the type of meal you might need to fly to Italy for, only it’s right here for just one more night…tonight!!

If you’re not familiar with Oliveto, here’s a nice read on their food and community philosophy.

(p.s. I enjoyed it so much I took no photos! Gasp.)


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