Kids Cooking Class – Cookie Making With Archimedean Principles

The ultimate Epicuring experience – applying principles from Greek mathematician Archimedes to an experience to which Epicurus (of “epicurean” fame) would flock. On June 7, 2014 it’s for parents and kids, with very few tickets left. Such a cool idea, you can hear about here. It’s sold out but you can get tickets with a […]

Sweet & Spicy Bay Area Food Event Picks for February 2014

With a bounty of citrus and the allure of Valentine’s Day, 2014 brings a bevy of creative food events to singles and those already in the throes of romantic rapture. Check these out: Barrel-Aged Sriracha Workshop with Oaktown Spice in Oakland February 11, 2014 Smell and taste the nuances of the flavors between a 1 […]

Fall 2013 – California Food Event Picks for Curious Epicurists

FALL 2013 FOOD EVENT PICKS Check back here for updates & Facebook last minute picks Every Saturday: CUESA Kitchen Demos feature local chefs and authors sharing tips and recipes. Looking for stuff coming up sooner? See our early Fall finds. Oct. 21, SF, Sugar Skull Making Class at 18 Reasons Within the traditions of the […]

Taste Talk: California Cuisine & How It’s Evolved at San Francisco Cooking School on Oct. 2

“California Cuisine” is the real thing – a regional culinary POV and movement which is driven by a philosophy of cooking with locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  As we all know, it sprouted from Alice Waters and Co.’s culinary revolution hatched in the 1970’s. Today’s cooks (and chefs) are not only inspired (or limited) by French […]

Shanghai Cooking Classes: A Letter from Lindsay

In China, it’s said that Beijing is the best destination for sight-seeing while Shanghai is best for eating. Since I build my agenda around my appetite, Shanghai has been the perfect home base for me over the past several months. This modern metropolis lives up to its reputation as a culinary hotspot, with access to cuisines from […]

San Francisco Cooking School Teaches Culinary Intuition

by Laiko Bahrs “When cooking go by your own taste. When baking follow directions.” That’s a quote I wrote long ago to remind myself to follow my intuition in the savory kitchen but read the recipe in the pastry and baking part of the kitchen. This thinking has worked really well in my kitchen explorations […]

Alice Medrich Made Sinfully Great Desserts at Paulding & Co Cooking School

by Susie Wyshak, Epicuring Alice Medrich made a tall promise to our class at cooking school Paulding & Company in Emeryville, which teaches adults and kids through summer camps as well as doubling as a cooking school filming location (as seen in Hereafter) and training ground including animators for the Pixar movie Ratatouille. To demonstrate […]

Michael Chiarello’s uniquely NapaStyle Culinary Program enlightens

By our Napa Valley Epicurator, Annette Hanami, The Wine Muse Napa Valley has its share of cooking classes with distinct approaches, some academic like at the CIA and many created to sell a particular vendor’s or vintner’s products.  Michael Chiarello’s new NapaStyle Culinary Program in Yountville is unique in that it doesn’t feature his wines, […]

Food Craft Institute Launches – Master Classes for Jammers and Picklers in 2012

We’ve been in the know about The Food Craft Institute for months, and are so happy to finally share the mission of FCI, and the series of Master Classes they are launching this spring. There is no other organization doing anything this ambitious for food crafters, and our own Susie Wyshak will be an instructor […]

Sausage, Spiedini, and the S.F. Meat Scene

The Italians have a special connection with the pig that few cultures have. I am continuously amazed by the way they honor the pig as a culinary ingredient with an endless list of ways to use its parts. Parts of America are beginning to go back to valuing quality pig processing and skilled butchery as […]