Beverly Hills Insider – 5 Spots for Adventuring Epicurators

By Susie Wyshak, a former Angeleno I stumbled upon a 2010 Sunset Magazine article Beverly Hills for the rest of us, about how to live large on a budget in this legendary city. It has fabulous tips for places to stay, eat, and gawk. Here are a few more insider tips for So Cal epicurators […]

We ate well at the San Francisco Street Food Festival 2011

Thankfully the street food festival is becoming an annual tradition in August, run by the La Cocina culinary and business incubator. This celebration of good food from passionate food entrepreneurs, many from other countries and lower income women, weaves DJs and live bands between an orgy of savories, desserts, drinks, and a whole lot more. […]

Susie’s Favorite Bay Area Internet Cafes & Coffee Roasters

I still have not quite hit upon a job that would entail going to a new cafe every day but Epicuring is a pretty good excuse. If you live to enjoy good coffee and get a buzz from working at a cafe, or meeting people for good converasation, consider my well-tested short list…so hard to […]

A Perfect Epicuring Food Tour of Berkeley

{made to print / phone and take it with you} Since before the fire and before the big one, I’ve called Berkeley home, and a big part of that is the food scene. Not a going out to restaurants scene, but a mix of food factories, artisans, and joints that make me happy. Recently I […]