Beverly Hills Insider – 5 Spots for Adventuring Epicurators

By Susie Wyshak, a former Angeleno

I stumbled upon a 2010 Sunset Magazine article Beverly Hills for the rest of us, about how to live large on a budget in this legendary city. It has fabulous tips for places to stay, eat, and gawk. Here are a few more insider tips for So Cal epicurators on the hunt for unique experiences:

1) Richard Simmons’ aerobics studio. When was the last time you said “aerobics?” He hasn’t changed locations since opening and you can still work out to the oldies! A bunch of friends and I did, making the moves back when leg warmers weren’t ironic. It is on Little Santa Monica which aligns Santa Monica Blvd but used to be on “the other side of the tracks.” The tracks are now gone so it’s on the other side of the center divide, formerly known as the tracks. Nearby used to be a Wonder Bread factory!

2) Edelweiss Chocolates is where stars and movie studio moguls got their fix of chocolate covered marshmallows, before the word “DIY” graced our palates. I still crave them. Try a marshmallow assortment of this barely-changed-since-the-mid-1900s chocolatier, a local gem. You can walk through the back and see how small the operation really is.

3) Urth Caffee in Beverly Hills has great salads and pastries. It’s not the one that stars in Entourage (which is on Melrose) where fans should definitely stop and sip just in case the boys happen to be there.

4) The Sunday farmers’ market–funnily right by Death Row Records–on Little Santa Monica is a real community market and sometimes has a petting zoo and music. Great place to load up on produce and have breakfast.

5) Nate ‘n Al’s Delicatessan. If you didn’t run into the Entourage crew at Urth, maybe you will here. Or maybe you will simply enjoy some good old time (“since 1945”) deli. The famous Beverly Hills Cheese Shop is right across the street.

Where else should an epicurator roam?

This indoor "farmers market" is a classic, next to The Grove outdoor mall by Third and Fairfax. Third Street has great little restaurants and shops too. Photo by Susie Wyshak.


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